Mission Blvd. Classic Cars Series

Calhoun Street Utility Box Murals – 2013

 The corner of Calhoun Street and Mission Blvd. features a 1935 Ford Deluxe Phaeton accompanied by a smaller utility box with accents from the time period. The scope included priming, design, paint and seal



What I love about working as a mural painter is it puts me directly in touch with the community. Not only do I receive words of deep appreciation shouted from passersby on their bikes or from their cars, but I am often gifted by community members, once unknown to me, who willingly enter into wonderful conversations and share a part of their day/life with me. The process of sharing feeds me as an artist, but also creates friendships and inspires the artist in everyone.


One volunteer shares how she was inspired after a few days on Calhoun Street.


“It had been quite some time since I had a brush in my hand; my typical days consist of marketing, design, and multimedia, which takes you further and further away from the tools of traditional art. My deep appreciation to Jean Bidwell, for allowing me the gift of working with a master painter, for putting a brush back in my hand and paint under my nails! Inspired, I gave her a gift in turn, named “Calhoun.” – K. Stein



Photography: kiersten a. stein



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