Carlos Bee Utility Boxes – Mission Blvd. Classic Cars Series

Corner of Carlos Bee and Mission Blvd. features a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop. “Chevrolet’s styling was crisp, clean and incorporated a Ferrari-inspired grille.” (source: Wikipedia)

There were many people who contacted me about the year of this car (thank you!) and the crazy thing is that there were many images out there that I had referenced, which created some of the confusion. My apologies folks, but it’s now officially ruled as a ’58! It’s moments like this, that again reinforce and support my love of what I do, because painting a public mural welcomes and invokes investment and exchange in our community.

I just found out from “ihellahearthayward” that there’s an Instagram Collection of our muralists and their work. There are some great comments that have followed her visual gallery. To view/read CLICK HEREThanks Ria!

@those asking if I do commissioned work: Yes! Send me an email via my contact form on this site.

Photo: ihellahearthayward
These are images representing a midway point in the progress of these murals and they should be completed by 8/7/14


Drum roll! 








Photography: kiersten a. stein

2 responses to “Carlos Bee Utility Boxes – Mission Blvd. Classic Cars Series”

  1. Ria L. says:

    It was such a pleasure to be able to meet with Jean the other day, and to let her know that I’ve been following her mural projects around town, and also to be able to feature it on my Instagram page “ihellahearthayward”. She’s such a talented artist, and her work is such an inspiration for many! I’ve been a Hayward resident for more than 20 years… and absolutely LOVE and support the Mural Projects! Thank you so much Jean for your talent and contribution… we are truly grateful!

  2. k says:

    Jean Bidwell and all the muralists in the Hayward Mural Program are incredibly talented and have given so much of themselves to the program and the community! ihellahearthayward’s Instagram is a wonderful testament to the spirit that the program has created and the appreciation it fosters. Pride in our community is pivotal.

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