Library Book Drop Boxes

Jean Bidwell Turns Library Book Drop Box into Bald Eagle – 0020

The Hayward Public Library loves our transformed book drop boxes! The book drop box art has been provided by the City’s Mural Art Program and artists like Jean Bidwell, pictured here on December 5, 2009, as she creates a bald eagle. Find more of Jean Bidwell’s public art up and down “A” Street in Hayward, featuring other endangered animals like an elephant (another Library Book Drop box at the Main Library), a panda bear, turtle, rhinoceros, Sumatran tiger, falcon, African blue & gold macaw, red frog, sandhill crane, and dolphins.

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The Mural Art Program is part of the City of Hayward’s overall fight against graffiti. In February 2009, the City of Hayward teamed up with local artists to create attractive murals on areas targeted by graffiti vandals. Artists have completed phase one of the Utility Box Mural Project that took place along B Street. Phase II began on A Street in August 2009: twelve PG&E and City owned utility boxes were completed by late September. For more information about the City’s Mural Art Program, visit:

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