Park Orchard Mural

Park Orchard | Managed by: Felson Companies
Park Orchard | Managed by: Felson Companies

Park Orchard Apartment Complex – Managed by Felson Companies

“Winner of Property of the Year from the California Apartment Association for Southern Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in 2008, Park Orchard offers its residents an apartment living experience like no other in the East Bay. Park Orchard features well landscaped grounds centered around a beautiful lagoon filled with colorful koi fish and adorable turtles.”

The Koi pond was the inspiration behind this mural. The wall is approx 700 sq. ft. (roughly 100′ x 7′), which separates a parking area and playground/community center. The mural has brought an additional liveliness and connection to the resident’s living experience.

JBidwell_Park-Orchard1 JBidwell_Park-Orchard2
JBidwell_Park-Orchard9 JBidwell_Park-Orchard3 JBidwell_Park-Orchard4 JBIdwell_Park-Orchard5JBidwell_Park-Orchard10 JBidwell_Park-Orchard6 JBIdwell_Park-Orchard7 JBIdwell_Park-Orchard8

Photography: kiersten a. stein

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