© Jean Bidwell – Lift – 24 x 32 Pastel

> Hello Jean, I was thinking about you last week. I ran across all the Christmas cards you have sent me over the years. I sure do enjoy looking at your work. – Skeeter

> I was thinking about you today, so I decided to see if you had a facebook page and guess what I find? A link to an article with your photo and photos of your gorgeous murals. I know I shouldn’t be amazed because I have witnessed your talent, yet I am awestruck. Selena believes you are an inspiration! (you know I called her over to see the site immediately) We are both so excited to see your work! – love and hugs, Melenie

> I am glad to find your website. I love the Hayward mural you did. It brings a smile to me on my daily commute because I remember you painting it. – Karen S

> Jean, Linda and I were showing off the wonderful watercolors we have of yours. I think some of them may be your early work 1992 I think. They still shine in our home. We are so happy to have them. Love Bob and Linda

> Hi Jean! I just hug “Unanswered Prayers” in my house. It still moves me deeply and is a wonderful addition to my mission style dining room. Also, telling everyone the story of how I acquired the piece from the artist will be a fantastic part of the magic. Thanks again for your eye for beauty and motion and for community and hope. God bless! – Susan Reedy

> Hi Jean, I’m the Joan of Joan and Jerry that visited you today. It was wonderful to talk with you and look at the wall up close. I have posted the photos I took on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jcwrenn/ Let me know if you have better descriptions for any of the panels. Thanks for all your hard work, it adds so much to our city. – Joan C Wrenn

> Jean, It was a pleasure for us to meet, and talk with you today. Then, to be able to view the entire Wall, made the afternoon unforgettable! Thanks so much for your time, and your commitment to the true beauty of Hayward. – Jerry Wrenn

> My cousin sent me a link to your “The Wall – Hayward Blogspot” – I think it is so exciting what you are doing. I love your art and I love your comments – both of which include love and humor. Thank you – Pamela Budlon

> i have seen your work in many places and truly enjoy the way you bring things to life…i am honored to know you… – joe mcginley

> Jean, How fabulous that the City of Hayward has recognized your talent and your beautiful work will enhance the city. I so love all of your work. It is a feast for the eyes and heart. – Patti Hamel

> Hi Jean, this is Cindy’s lil sister—I met you years ago at open studios @ Cindy’s—Your work is beautiful–God Bless you !! One of these days I am gonna have you draw a pretty bird for my next tattoo – Anna

> This site is awesome, Jean! Can’t wait until it’s finished. Only regret your seashell watercolor isn’t included – one of the few prints of yours I own and it still proudly hangs in my bathroom (that’s my “water” room). – Virginia Tiger

> A friend picks me up and drives me home from church and I was very proud to point out the animal painting on the big box at 2nd/A St. (by the video place) and say “A friend of mine did that.” What a wonderful gift to my city. So proud to call you my friend!! – Ginny

> LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork around town, the transformer boxes and the drop box at the library. Can’t wait to discuss the potential underwater-view nursery project with you! – Robin

> Bought a nice pastel(rocks underwater) in Morro Bay and it looks great in our bedroom. Looking forward to updated exhibit listing and hoping you get to Central Coast again soon. – Doug and Katie Dickinson, Northridge, CA

> This is such an awesome site! I wish you well in your new endeavor… I just love all the stuff hanging up in my house, especially that wooded pathway, my very first piece!! – Judy

> I am really impressed by your work, especially the jellyfish. Your art is awesome. – Lorence



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  1. kstein says:

    Jean you are an exceptional artist and alchemist! “If there’s a surface that warrants an image, or a vision that begs a voice, Jean will always bring impact, integrity and creativity to your project, or canvas.” — K. Stein, Creative Director/Artist/Entrepreneur

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