Mural Program

Hayward’s Anti-Graffiti Program: Jean Bidwell has hand-painted over 30 utility boxes and various grand-scale walls throughout the community.


The City of Hayward Mural Art Program continues its path towards excellence and deep commitment to its Hayward residents, by working in partnership with various communities, local jurisdictions, commissions, youth and artists to create murals throughout the city.

The Hayward Public Art Mural Program is operated in support of the City Council’s “Crime and Public Safety” and “Cleanliness” priorities. The City is taking a pro-active, preventive approach to help eliminate graffiti through the public mural art program, which was implemented in April of 2009. It is the intent of the program to utilize and showcase local Hayward artists. Murals commissioned under this program are expected to reflect the best, most positive attributes of the Hayward community. Source:


The Grand Terrace Sound Wall Mural Project

Head south on B.A.R.T. and you can’t miss over 10,000 square feet of murals painted by Artist Jean Bidwell and her volunteers.


To view a mural map done by numerous artists throughout Hayward click on image below:


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Birds of Bacchus Series - Jean Bidwell Nevermore Watercolor
Birds of Bacchus Series
Jean Bidwell and kiersten stein fine art, design, murals
Foothill Blvd. & A St. Utility Boxes – Music Genre Series
Jean Bidwell Beacon Shores
Beacon Shores Utility Box Project
Graphic Design and Illustration
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